Live Interactive Cooking Experience

Chibo offers a new way of cooking from home with a live interactive cooking experience. I’m delighted to be their culinary nutritionist!
As we close out the “interesting” year of 2020 and head into winter, I’l like to offer some new ways for enjoying fresh ideas for foods this winter.
On Thursday evening, January 7th I will be offering a class featuring three delicious winter recipes sure to start the new year right! This class is offered through Chibo, a venue providing interactive cooking experiences occurring in real time while learning impressive techniques.  It is like having a personal chef in your home.
Please consider joining the class as I guide you toward creating amazing food at home while we cook and talk together as if we are side by side in my kitchen.
And, if you are looking for a last-minute gift for others or what to join the class yourself, this is the best gift of all for $25.00.
Handouts will be provided following the class to help you boost your nutritional knowledge and your culinary skills!
Chibo has a line up of best chefs from around the world and I’m delighted to be included as a culinary nutritionist on their roster. I’ll be offering a class in the evening on January 7th featuring three delicious winter recipes sure to start out the New Year with Fresh ideas.
Plus culinary tips will be provided during the class and handouts will follow the class to help boost your nutritional knowledge and ideas for great nutrition.
And, if you are still looking for a last minute gift, this could be the best $25.00 gift you can give!  I hope to see you there!  Live interactive classes like this one where we can talk and cook side by side is rare. I think you will like the venue!
live interactive cooking class
Interactive cooking class