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Discovering Sustainable Health and Longevity

It’s so nice to meet you! I help clients embrace the natural state of health that lies within all of us but is easily lost in the sometimes-crazy environment of life.

Once clients raise their awareness about what’s possible by understanding the power of ancestral wisdom and the best of modern science, we are ready to transform lives. We leave the place of confusion and distraction to a place of confidence and self-assurance for living a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

We begin our journey with a high-level overview of the proven principal foundations for health and longevity. It’s not about the latest diet, the best workout, or any other single thing. Only when we have these basic understandings in place, are we ready to move forward and adopt the principles one at a time at the client’s own pace.

Hundreds of clients have been fortunate to travel with me on a lifestyle immersion trip to villages in the south of Italy to learn these principles. Now I have taken the key elements of this immersion trip and laid them out in a self-paced method for others to achieve.

When I’m not collaborating with clients or traveling to Italy for work, leisure or to see family, I am engaged in always learning about longevity, staying physically active and spending time with family and friends.

A few things about me:

Board-Certified Nutritionist

MS Rosalind Franklin University of Health and Science

Citizen of the U.S. and Italy

Author | Public Speaker

Awards: Women in Leadership, Leonardo Da Vinci Award for Contribution to Medicine

Last: I have a serious case of love for all things Italian!

About Carol Amendola D'Anca

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