Do You Know What's In That Bottle of Olive Oil?

The use of dietary olive oil dates to 8,000 BC. It is also part of the diet of centenarians living in the Blue Zone of Sardinia.

However, a difference exists between healthful EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and much of the olive oil sold in stores today. In fact, it is rare to find EVOO that has been tested for quality and nutritional value beyond its fat content. Click here to read more about these differences!

If you have taken my online course on olive oil you are aware of the vast range of quality in much of the olive oil consumed today. 

From a health standpoint, the polyphenol count of EVOO is one of the most important components of the oil since these components have numerous systemic benefits.  Obviously, the high unsaturated fat and low saturated fat ratio is particularly important. We discuss this topic, and what to look for on the label to ensure quality of the EVOO you are consuming, here.

I’ve searched for the type of olive oil with health benefits mentioned above for my clients and patients as I’ve had 100’s of requests for where to find it. 

For more information regarding the importance of Polyphenol Rich, High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, there are many articles written in our blog. You can find substantial information here

High polyphenol Extra Virgin Olive Oil