Registered Dietician or Nutritionist Near Me

It’s not absolutely necessary to have a dietician or nutritionist near you  in your same city. Technology has changed all of that. My test kitchen at home now looks like a TV production studio allowing me to provide personalized cooking classes and nutritional counseling services.

However, it is sometimes nice to find someone that understands the area you live in, your seasons and climate that can dictate your lifestyle. With all that being said, however, I was recently a top pick from as one of the top 16 dietician/nutritionists in the Chicago area.  I was pleased to learn about this designation but also unaware there was even agency that ranked professionals in my field. Their ranking criteria is very interesting. You may want to use the same criteria when choosing a professional so I’m passing it along.If you stick with these points when looking for a credible nutritionist or dietician you will be in good hands.

I’m thrilled to have qualified for this distinction. Sometimes when we just keep our nose to the grindstone as they say, we find one day that we really are making a contribution!

Finding good nutrition education
Expertise ranks 633 nutritionists and dieticians in the Chicago area.