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It’s so nice meeting you! I help clients embrace and enjoy the natural state of health that lies within all of us but is easily lost in the sometimes-crazy environment of life. 

I do this in two ways.

Through an amazing lifestyle immersion trip to villages in the south of Italy where travelers learn through the ancient wisdom of living well and the principles of longevity. 

Or through my self -paced proprietary course  incorporating the elements of longevity and what we can learn from those who have lived the longest.

You might want to check out the blogs, Mediterranean inspired recipes, and the dispensary for  professional grade supplements only available through a licensed practictionier with a discount! 

When I’m not collaborating with clients or traveling to Italy for work, leisure or to see family, I am engaged in always learning about longevity, staying physically active and spending time with family and friends.

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A Few Things About Me


Most Importantly, I’ve helped hundreds of people discover their best natural health through ancient wisdom combined with the best of science. 

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