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All too often, we don’t think about health unless we’ve arrived at a place feeling fatigued, overweight, on medications too many medications and feeling the early signs of aging to mention a few. Most of the time these realizations produce feelings of confusion about what to do first, next, or not at all. 

We know one thing for sure; short-term fixes such as the latest diet, workout programs or the overuse of medications are either not sustainable or do not work at all. We learn quickly there are no “magic bullets”, but solutions do exist that we alone can control.

I’ve searched for truths in the holy grail of health beyond my formal training as a board-certified nutritionist and throughout the globe for years and I’ve uncovered real solutions based on truths, not trends – those found in a lifestyle of health and longevity.

By combining ancient wisdom from the longest living populations on the globe with the best of confirming research, a healthy and long purposeful life is achieved. I’ve seen it done thousands of times and that is the meaning of Whole Health Longevity. 

Whenever you are ready, here are some ways I can help you


Learn how to Identify and Purchase Only The Most Nutrient Rich Olive Oil

Although most home cooks use olive oil as a regular staple in cooking, few understand the good, the bad and even the ugly about olive oil. Common mistakes are not understanding what to look for on the label including harvest date, outdate, source of olives, container type and more, resulting in buying poor quality olive oil and perhaps even rancid oil.

Highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) available by Membership Only!  Limited to 1000 members!

Find the Secret to Greater Longevity

“Longevity Tips” delivered directly to your inbox each month. These are useful and actionable tips allowing you to take a step-by-step approach to healthful longevity over time and at your own pace.  The tips are built up the 5 pillars of longevity – movement, diet, social connections and overall lifestyle.  Join 1700 other people here, receiving the information based upon research with the longest living populations on the globe.

Access Professional Grade Supplements Through My Dispensary

Access professional grade supplements through my licensed dispensary. While I am not advocate for using supplements in place of ignoring good nutrition, we do sometimes have needs to increase our intake of certain nutrients such as vitamin D, B12 for vegans and even those who are not vegans, magnesium and others. The dispensary allows you to search credible information on nutrients and to access all professional brands at a discount. This is available through my license as a board-certified nutritionist.

Authentic Travel Adventures

Learn the lifestyle of longevity through an “Authentic Italy” excursion to small villages in the south of Italy were populations live long purposeful lives. See the tabs above to check out the itineraries and availability.

Mediterranean Inspired Recipes

Check out our Mediterranean inspired plant-based recipes and make craveable meals and snacks based upon traditional Italian recipes and check out the blogs for informative and helpful information on longevity.

A Few Things About Me

  • Board-Certified Nutritionist
  • MS Rosalind Franklin University of Health and Science
  • Citizen of the U.S. and Italy
  • Author | Public Speaker
  • Awards: Women in Leadership, Leonardo Da Vinci Award for Contribution to Medicine


Most Importantly, I’ve helped hundreds of people discover their best natural health through ancient wisdom combined with the best of science.