Cooking and Lifestyle Classes

Available Personal Classes and Corporate Wellness Programs

1. Do You Know What’s in That Bottle of Olive Oil?

A complete review of what is often called “heart healthy” olive oil.  Learn the real facts about olive oil, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), levels of quality, what to look for on the label and more.  This class is a must for anyone who uses olive oil as part of their diet. You will be surprised at what you learn and will make better informed decisions after this class.

2. Whole Health and Longevity - Interactive Personal, Group and Corporate Wellness Classes

Our focus for both personal and corporate wellness programs is on providing sustainable wholeness in health solutions versus “quick fixes” that do not last. Our insights are drawn from centuries of proven results coupled with the practical application of diet and lifestyle. Virtual (yet interactive) classes have helped thousands of people gain greater understanding of the basics of nutrition, make better informed choices and to unlock the joy of food. We call this a wholeness to health approach to longevity.