Vegan Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes

Now that fall has officially arrived and the last of the warm weather is behind us, our thoughts turn to the “Holidays” and how we plan to celebrate them. This is also the time of the year when many of my clients and cooking school students seem uncertain about what to make for holiday parties, what to bring to pot lucks and what to prepare for their own family table during this “holiday time.” I usually have a simple suggestion; that there is a multitude of dishes we can make that are delicious, elegant enough to serve at any dinner party and, most importantly, very healthy.

This year I’ve decided to do more than provide a simple suggestion as a possible solution. I’ve developed a short recipe book with 10 great Vegan Thanksgiving recipes, a Vegan Menu and Vegan Desserts that are designed to inspire and delight even the most discriminating palate.

It’s my gift for you and it’s given in thanks for your readership, your friendship and for your interest in plant based nutrition. I hope you will enjoy it!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, may it be filled with health and happiness – starting in the kitchen.

Download the recipes here.


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