Use This Checklist to Evaluate Your Food Choices

Do the Foods You Eat Contain
the Following?
An easy checklist to use for daily food choices – Choose as
many of the following that you can each day.
Is the food choice anti-inflammatory? It should have antioxidant capability – red,
orange, yellow, purple, green, etc.
Does the food choice contain fiber? Whole grain intact/not ground to flour for ex.
Oats, whole grain wraps, bean or legume?
Does the food contain water? No water – it’s probably processed food
Is the food choice nutrient dense and calorie low? Fruits, vegetables, beans, greens
Is the food choice fruit? Berries are great
Is the food choice a vegetable? (All the color spectrum)
Is the food choice a bean? Pinto, garbanzo, kidney, black bean, etc.
Is the food choice a legume? Lentils, peanuts

Full script and video can be accessed here.

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