Real Food for Healthy People.

If you are looking for plant based recipes for beginners, or whole food plant based recipes on a budget this recipe book will serve your needs.  If you are already on a plant based diet and looking for additional ideas this is also a great resource for you. 

Beautifully presented delicious healthful plant-based recipes that are all naturally gluten, processed sugar and animal free. “Real Food” is also a guide for organizing your kitchen, stocking your pantry and providing culinary tips as well.

Registered dietician nutritionist Carol D'Anca Carol D'Anca
Plant based recipes for infants and toddlers

Real Food for Infants and Toddlers.

Plant based recipes for infants and toddlers is a perfect little book for moms who want to feed their children delicious plant based foods. 

A collaboration by a plant based nutritionist, a pediatrician, and an Italian Nonna all make for a delightful book that you will want to keep forever. Although the recipes are geared to children, some are equally appealing to more mature palates!