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Our focus for both personal and corporate wellness programs is on providing sustainable wholeness in health solutions versus “quick fixes” that do not last. Our insights are drawn from centuries of proven results coupled with the practical application of diet and lifestyle. Virtual (yet interactive) classes have helped thousands of people gain greater understanding of the basics of nutrition, make better informed choices and to unlock the joy of food. We call this a wholeness to health approach to longevity.

Here are a few examples of the delicious recipes that our students love.

Personalized one-hour private cooking class based upon current needs and goals are available now: $125.00

We are now thrilled to announce the addition of our online cooking school, The Nutritionist Kitchen! You can now receive additional personalized cooking instruction, watch the lectures as often as needed and try the recipes as you learn in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Learn more about the wonderful classes available here. 

I guarantee that whether you are a novice at cooking plant based recipes or are an experienced cook, you will learn from the classes including culinary tips, kitchen organization, using spices for added health benefit, using acid (balsamic vinegars) to kick up the flavors in your recipes and more. When the first three lectures are completed we will move to the kitchen and I’ll show you how easy it is to quickly prepare mouthwatering dishes.  

One of the main goals of the class is, however, to help you become more confident in adapting recipes or perhaps not even needing recipes all the time. 

Additionally, I am always available for questions and can be reached through my website at the contact us tab on the top of every page.