Vegetable soup recipe from Pat LeBeau

This is some great soup!
Preparation Time: 30 Minutes


Note: Pat lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Fresh fruit and Vegetables are in abundance but she has to thoroughly soak everything first. I asked her why. Below is her explanation.

Most of the veggies and fruits sold here are grown in Mexico which does not have the strict sanitation rules that the States have. I buy most of my produce at the local produce markets and while they are really, really fresh, soaking them is always the best thing to do because I don’t know what farm they came from and how they were handled in transit. Soaking them in Microdyn kills anything that may be lurking in the veggies and fruits. It’s just a precaution that most gringos here take.

Any fresh vegetables can be used. I like to use the following:

Small head of Cauliflower

Carrots, maybe 4-5 cut up

Green Beans, a couple of good handfuls

Onions, 1 onion

Green, Red and Yellow Peppers, 1 small each

Zucchini, 4-5 small

Cut all of the above into bite size pieces

Sometimes I add some broccoli flowerets too, but not always. I can’t tell you how much veggies to cut up because I just cut up some of each until it looks like enough to me.

Add raw veggies to a large pot and add Swanson’s Vegetarian Low Sodium Broth (64 oz. size) to cook the veggies to your liking. Depending on the amount of veggies you are cutting up if using the Swanson’s in a box I would probably use the whole box or more.

If using cans I usually use 4 cans or more. The only seasoning I use is garlic pepper. I keep a batch in the fridge and pour it into a mug to heat in the micro. It’s delicious, easy, and I find it filling.