Delicious Kale Salad

Serves: two.

A great salad that is filling and nutrient packed!


½ bunch of Kale – Many types of kale exist. This recipe works well with Chouvert Frise kale. Handful of sunflower seeds (roasted but not salted) or pine nuts Dried cranberries – add as many or few that you like 4 – 5 T (or to taste) White balsamic vinegar – Sicilian Lemon Balsamic from The Olive Tap works well Small amount of honey for drizzling Small amount of olive oil for drizzling (try it without oil if you are eliminating oil from your diet)


Wash the kale and chop lightly. Do not cut it too small. Arrange in a salad bowl and add nuts and cranberries. Toss the ingredients together and add the balsamic vinegar. After the salad is tossed drizzle honey and (if you wish) oil on top and enjoy!

Here are a couple of variations:

Substitute dried cranberries with fresh figs in this salad for additional nutrients of potassium and fiber. Sunflower seeds or pine nuts can also be substituted with roasted hazelnuts. Wonderful tasting!