Plant Based Cooking Classes Near Me

If you are looking for a “”plant based cooking class near me” this couldn’t be any closer than your own kitchen.  This course is made available to my readership because I believe that great plant based cooking classes should include more than recipes. Cooking does not have to be a science or an art, but it should be a craft that you can continually build upon.  Additionally, to bulid upon that craft we need to be thinking beyond the recipe.
Thinking Beyond the Recipe
As the founder of “The Academy for Delicious Plant Based Cooking” I have taught cooking classes for years. The longer I teach, the more I recognize the need for a broader view of cooking for sustainable long-term results. How does this happen? – by “thinking beyond the recipe.”
Here is what I am talking about.
  • Cooks can save a lot of time if they start with a little upfront kitchen organization.
  • Cooks can improve their results with a few culinary utensils that make a difference in the outcome of the recipe.
  • Cooks can transform any recipe by using simple elements of spice, acid (vinegars, lemon, etc.) and texture (nuts and seeds) if they know how to do it.
All the above, plus the addition of basic cooking demonstrations are all part of the “Mediterranean Inspired Plant Based Cooking” course, now available online. As much as my students have enjoyed live cooking classes, they have also expressed their excitement about having a course that can be watched at their own pace and as often as needed.
Two classes – “Mediterranean Inspired Plant Based Cooking” and “Olive Oil, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” (much needed course on this often used but misunderstood ingredient) are now fully available to anyone with an internet connection. Check them out here.
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As a special thank you to my readership here are two gifts for you: a 20% discount coupon on any course (available until the end of July) plus, a 30 minute personal dietary review either by phone of zoom for anyone purchasing both courses.
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Want a few immediate cooking tips?
“Watch My Latest Video; Three Ways to Become a Better Cook.”
To Your Health and Longevity!