Discover a sustainable lifestyle of longevity that works for you

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Knowing the basics of ancient wisdom about health and longevity frees you from following the latest trends only to find they are not sustainable for the long term.

Understanding the fundamental components about nutrition that apply to everyone allows you to make good choices for yourself and how to build upon them.

Who I Help...

I help those that want to reduce or eliminate unnecessary medication through dietary and lifestyle modificaton

I help those needing additional support throughout thier journey to better health through online or live support.

This proprietary system provides a framework for you to learn what works for you and how to put it in place.

The ultimate lifestyle experience is spending one week in small villages in the South of Italy eating and living the Mediterranean life!

My proprietary process is the result of:

  • Decades of travel and research in small villages on the globe where populations experience extreme longevity without chronic illness.

  • The last 10 years working with 100’s of individuals seeking to improve their health.

authentic italy


“La Dolce Vita” is my signature course that takes you on a virtual journey to the where populations live long purposeful lives and guides you to integrate the “secrets” of longevity into your lifestyle that transforms your health.


An easy step by step process for integrating the components of a lifestyle of longevity based upon ancient wisdom and the best of science

An in depth understanding of the basics of pasta, olive oil, preparing vegetables, protein needs and more

A simple “check list” system that can be used for life when making dietary choices

Seven chapters and 23 lessons for you to use at your own pace and to watch as often as needed

A “follow me for a day” routine that you can use to implement the Mediterranean lifestyle no matter where you live

How to find your own "back story" and your "tribe" for social networking and support.

We are sometimes last in line when it comes to investing in ourselves. But, what you will learn and adopt delivers benefits for life!

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  • Proprietary Course Based Upon a Decade of Research and Experience

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Carol Amendola D'Anca MS, LDN, CNS

I help others discover a sustainable path for embracing their natural state of health by understanding the “secrets” (not really secrets at all) of longevity from those who have lived the longest. It’s not always about vitamins and minerals. In fact, those who have lived the longest have never given this a thought.

 So, how do societies who give little thought to nutrition outlive us? The answer is this; they have an innate wisdom about food and lifestyle that has been passed down through the ages.

After years of travel to places on the globe where populations are living the longest plus on site personal and scientific research, my propriety framework for emulating those who have lived the longest will be available for everyone to benefit from.

Is it all about the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet is not a diet at all – it’s a lifestyle! 

The proprietary framework for this lifestyle is now available to you in an online course you can refer to for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is self paced allowing you the freedom to make changes at your own pace. But, once your awareness is raised as to what is possbile, you will be self - motivated. 

My proprietary process is built around ancient wisdom that produces long purposeful lives. Understanding the principles allows students to follow a sustainable path rather than a quick fix of using the latest trend. You can choose to have as much or as little support as wanted/needed. 

 The valuable information that takes you from start to finish is the result of professional, personal and research over the past 2 decades that works if applied and I want you to be successful.  If you find you are not ready  for the transformation in the first 30 days of owning the course, you will receive a money back guarantee! 

We are sometimes last in line when it comes to investing in ourselves. But, what you will learn and adopt delivers benefits for a lifetime. The high level returns are guaranteed for the extremely affordable investment.