Amazing Baby Arugula and Pistachio Pesto – Delicious with No Oil or Cheese!

This recipe delivers fiber and high quality nutrition but without the fat, calories and sodium that usually comes with pesto made with oil and cheese.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Servings:  Makes about 1 cup


1/2 c. shelled roasted pistachios

2 ½ c. baby arugula (large stems removed)

3 cloves of garlic (can be fresh or roasted garlic – either works)

¼ c. cannelloni beans (reserve ¼ c. of the liquid)

1 T fresh lemon juice

½ t ground sea salt

5 or 6 turns of fresh cracked black pepper


Place all ingredients except the reserved liquid from the beans in the food processor. Process until you have a smooth textured mixture. You may have to stop and use a spatula to move the mixture down. Add the liquid a little at a time as needed until you have the right consistency for the pesto that you like.  If you like a thicker pesto add more arugula. If you prefer a creamier pesto, add more cannellini beans.