Italy 2020 Lifestyle Excursion – A Recipe for a Life well Lived

Announcing …Italy 2020
May 12 – 20th – Naples and the Amalfi Coast of Italy

Naples! Big, beautiful, bold and dynamic with energy that only the Neapolitan people possess. Rick Steves once described Naples as “Italy on Steroids” That pretty much describes it.

And just when you thought you’ve seen it all we will move on to the Amalfi coast, stunningly beautiful beyond belief, like nothing you have ever laid eyes on.

I will be hosting an informational evening this fall for those interested. Send a quick message if you would like to attend and I’ll send an invitation.

My best recipe yet – A recipe for a life well lived!

Here’s the link to the formal announcement and trip detail.

Photo credit: Giovanni D’Anca