Why the “Italian Lifestyle Immersion” Trips are Never Hosted in the Summer

Since announcing the Italian Lifestyle Immersion trip for next spring,  I have been asked why they are never held in the summer. Because I’ve had more than a few inquiries about the timing of the trip, I’m dedicating this post to why they are held in the early springtime and most likely why they will never be held in the summer.

I apologize if the months chosen are sometimes not optimal, especially for teachers and families with school age children.  I’m not trying to be exclusionary, but there are many reasons why this type of trip works so well in the spring.

First, Italy gets very busy from mid-May until the end of August. Tourists visit from all over the world and Europeans themselves love to vacation in Italy. Italy receives over 50 million tourists each year.

Traffic slows to a crawl and traffic jams are not uncommon.  Prices at hotels and restaurants are higher during the summer as well. Also, it can get very hot in Italy (the last few years have been pretty terrible) and although air conditioning has become more popular, it’s not what Americans are used to.

Most locals spend a lot of time at the sea or up in the mountains where it’s cool.

Hosting the trip right before the busy time year allows the small number of people in the group (15 – 20) an authentic experience of living life in a relaxed authentic way that Italians live. We stay in a jewel of a family owned hotel located on the sea in the middle of a small town where we can “ebb and flow” with the people.  We can easily visit the ancient towns along the sea, enjoy the beauty, culture and food in a way that most Italians do. We enjoy leisurely meals each evening with the full attention of the staff and a stroll along the promenade in the evening with the local people living in the town. These are just a few of the treasured moments we enjoy at this time of the year.

This is not to say that many many people go on vacation to Italy in the summer. They usually visit Rome, Venice, Milan and other well-known places and they enjoy the trip and all that they see. It’s a vacation.  But they do not really ever “taste” the authenticity of how life is lived in Italy. For most, that’s OK or for a first trip to Italy as there is much to see and do.

But, the Lifestyle Immersion a little different. It’s not only about what the travelers see, but what they experience while immersed in the lifestyle rich in its culture, food, beauty, people and promotes long and purposeful lives. Check out the little video here and enjoy just some of the highlights of living “la dolce vita.”


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