This garnish can be used over quinoa or as a side dish on its own. Its mixture of sweet, sour, bitter and fresh adds an amazing flavor “sensation” wherever it is used.


Six Scallions – as fresh as you can find them

2 small lemons – Meyer lemons if you can find them

2 or three garlic cloves – with skins on

Small handful of fresh parsley – chopped finely


Preheat a hot grill surface

Cut off the roots of the scallions and chop to about an inch of the top of the greens.

Cut the lemons into thin slices – leave the skin on

Toss the scallions, lemons and garlic together and grill until the scallions are charred and the garlic softens. Do not let the garlic get brown. Add salt and pepper if desired.

Remove from heat, peel the garlic and chop finely.

Mix the garlic together with other ingredients and enjoy!