Cooking Demo – Ancient Spices and Fall’s Bounty – September 30th at Love That Spice in Highland Park!

Summer salads are no longer as appealing and the bounty of fall appears in every market that we visit.  This class shows you how to prepare delicious healthful squashes, root vegetables and soups in ways you may have never thought possible. 

Learn how to prepare common fall vegetables (and in some cases not so common fall vegetables) in unique ways, while also delighting your taste buds with the addition of healing spices.

Come and join us at Love That Spice shop at 1893 Sheridan Rd., Highland Park, IL on September 30th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  Cost is 35.00 per person and includes demo, tasting, nutritional guidance and complimentary wine and tea!

You can reserve your spot below or call with any questions at 847 894 7581.

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