Cooking Class at Hotel San Francesco – Maiori Itlay!

It’s vacation time this month and I am here on the Amalfi Coast in the south of Italy. I’ve visited many times but on every visit I am completely in awe of the beauty of this land. The combination of the sea, the mountains and the countryside makes the “Coasteria Amalfitana” a wonder to see and experience.

I was able to attend cooking class at the hotel this morning and learned the art of grilling vegetables. Chef Claudio was my gracious teacher. As usual, the vegetables were picked and delivered early today. They are always organically grown and never genetically modified. Italy does not recognize GMO foods nor do they allow it. Herbs are grown on site and picked as needed. As with all Italian cooking I’ve learned that ingredients are simple and relatively few, but they are of the highest quality and always fresh and prepared simply. I had a wonderful time with Chef Claudio and can’t wait to duplicate what I learned when I get home. Well, actually, I can wait as I want to enjoy this wonderful place for just a little longer!


Here are some photos from today.