Announcing: 10 Week Cardiovascular Support Group and Nutrition Education

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease, it is possible that, in addition to taking all the medications recommended by your doctor, there is more that you can do to improve your health. The 10 week Cardiovascular Support Group and Nutrition Education is
While medications and procedures are of great value, research has in fact shown group support and dietary modifications beneficial as part of a broader protocol to add immensely to your health and well-being.
While individuals with cardiovascular disease are often open to interventional cardiology and medication, they often fail to appreciate the value of non-invasive measures such as dietary change and group support as a means to both emotional and physical healing.
Decades of research have significantly advanced our current understanding of the role of diet and group support in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Yet, few opportunities exist for those with CVD to receive necessary education, skills and emotional support. We understand this dilemma and have chosen to provide services which we know from our own struggles can provide great benefit.
Beginning in January of 2019 Carol D’Anca, MS, Clinical Nutrition and John D’Anca, Psy.D. will be offering a program combining group support and dietary transformation designed to maximize the benefits of lifestyle change aimed at creating an improved sense of well-being.
Program Details:
10-week program which meets once a week supporting individuals as they deal with issues related to cardiovascular disease.
The cohort group will meet for two hours one day per week. The first hour of the program consists of group work – (Please note, this is support group – not a therapy group.) The focus of our group will be giving voice to those issues each group member is wrestling with and how it may affect their cardiovascular health at the present time.
Group members can anticipate finding care and support from the other group members. Such support has been shown to benefit those struggling with cardiovascular disease.
It is helpful to know that in support groups the group leader acts as a guide rather than a therapist. By contrast, the purpose of a therapy group is to address and work toward resolution of pathological problems often rooted in the past. In such case the group leader is a therapist.
Our group will provide support for each other as we move toward improved health.
The second hour encompasses nutrition education and support through whole food plant-based cooking demos each week. Class instruction includes all aspects of heart healthy nutrition, cooking tips, the benefits of healthful fruits, vegetables, protein and antioxidant rich foods.
Because dietary change requires both social and family support, spouses and significant others are welcomed and encouraged to attend the nutrition educational portion of the program at no additional charge.
Cost of the program:

$500.00 per person – Ten Weeks of Continued Support and 10 Nutrition Education including food preparation and demonstration classes. Register Below.

Because change only occurs with consistency, attendees must register for the entire 10-week program and commit to attending at least 90% of all meetings.
We know, however that once an attendee begins to realize the benefits of the program, there will be no challenges with attendance.
Program begins on Thursday, January 17th and ends on March 21st, 2019.
Location: 600 Deerfield Rd., Deerfield, IL
Group Support in Fellowship Hall and Nutrition Support in the attached Commercial Kitchen